Totnes Rural Area Youth Engagement Project

Ways to save energy

Over the last few months young people from all of our areas (Buckfastleigh, Staverton, Dartington, Totnes, Bridgetown, Harbertonford, Marldon, Yealmpton and Holbeton) have been busy looking at ways to save energy

⚡ Some of our wonderful young people became 👍Fuel Poverty Leaders👍 and came up with some Top Tips for Energy Saving✅ – we have spread these tips far and wide and hope they will be helpful to others. Here’s the young people’s ideas:
✅ Try not to use lights as much.
✅ Do less gaming – find other fun activities to do like board games and going outside to play.
✅ Take a shower instead of a bath 🚿
✅ Turn your boiler down
✅ Turn temperature down on washing machine.
✅ Use a de-humidifier
✅ Use a clothes dryer to hang out washed clothes.
✅ Wear warm clothes, layer up!
✅ Wear onesies/ hoodie blankets in wintertime
✅ Don’t leave heating on when you go out. Use a timer.
✅ Do batch cooking – make lots of your favourite meals and it freeze it up.
✅ Unplug devices when you’re not using them.
🙏We would like to say a huge thank you to the young people involved and also to the National Grid for funding this informative and helpful project ☺️

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