Developing opportunities for young people aged 8+ in rural communities.

Who We Are

Our mission

Our Mission is to provide rural youth work in an inclusive and connected way, reaching out to rural areas and working with young people from age 8 – 19 years old. We will promote kindness, compassion and respect in all the work we do.

Our Vision

TRAYE’S vision is to advocate for young people, to help them have a strong voice in their communities. To promote health and wellbeing, kindness and creativity, fun and new opportunities for young people, so that they may reach their full potential and create positive changes in their own lives and the world around them.

Board of Trustees

Cllr Mrs. Jacqueline (Jacqi) Mary Hodgson


Mrs Sandra Mary Curtin-Maggs


Mr Matt Bateman


Cllr Mrs. Jennifer Anne Clarke

Cllr Mr Ed Vidler

Management committee

Cllr Mrs. Jacqueline (Jacqi) Mary Hodgson

Youth Can Make a Difference Forum young representatives

Kerry McCabe

Service Manager

Cllr Edward Vidler


Matt Bateman


Youth Workers & Staff

Kerry McCabe

TRAYE Service Manager

Laura Hamlyn

Lead Youth Worker

Adele Marshall

Lead Youth Worker

Christian Murison

Youth Support Worker

Nathan McCabe

Lead Youth Worker

Sophy Creed

Youth Forum Worker

Lucy Homer

Youth Work Assistant

Kyra Marshall

Young Bank Youth Worker

Loui Prince Marno

Young Bank Youth Worker

Ty Taylor

Young Bank Youth Worker
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